Y8 House Building Project using #digitalstudies and #badges

After posting my draft idea for a Y7 project this morning, this is my second draft at the Y8 one after receiving useful feedback from @mwclarkson whose original idea I have ‘borrowed’ from extensively!  As with the Y7 project I have tried to keep in mind the following:

  1. The project should be about integrating the 4 strands (technology; authoring, society, literacy) over the whole year and NOT teaching elements in isolation
  2. The project should be about mirroring what happens in ‘real life’ rather than making things up for school
  3. Pupil progress must be evidenced through the use of a bportfolio
  4. Pupils should be encouraged to learn both collaboratively and independently
  5. Assessment of pupils work will be done through the issuing of badges which I have previouslyblogged about

Again, as with the previous post I really would welcome both constructive and positive feedback either in the comments section or via twitter @teachesict .  If this image is too small, you can download the original from here – I have included some more comments after the image:

  • The project is taught from left to right, although the last 4 items can be dipped in and out of
  • Throughout the project the pupils are expected to be learning about HTML / CSS so that they are ready to create the website (this is in place of the more ‘traditional’ homework)
  • Pupils will be expected to blog about their learning, especially with regards to their HTML / CSS progress
  • Progress will also be evidenced when pupils upload and comment on each others work as they progress through the sections
  • In the diagram above I have also included where badges can be awarded.  This is very much in its infancy but I want to get an idea of how I can use them.

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