Y7 Mobile Phone Project for #digitalstudies

I have spent a lot of time and effort contributing to the #digitalstudies wiki and doing general promotion for #digitalstudies and #rethinkingICT12 as remixes of #ictcurric; however, I hadn’t to date, actually been planning my own lessons.  This post is a first attempt to address this!  When planning the delivery of #digitalstudies is it important to consider the following:

  1. The project should be about integrating the 4 strands (technology; authoring, society, literacy) over the whole year and NOT teaching elements in isolation
  2. The project should be about mirroring what happens in ‘real life’ rather than making things up for school
  3. Pupil progress must be evidenced through the use of a bportfolio
  4. Pupils should be encouraged to learn both collaboratively and independently
  5. Assessment of pupils work will be done through the issuing of badges which I have previously blogged about

With these thoughts in mind I have come up with the following plan and would welcome both constructive and positive feedback.  Please take a look and then add your comments to the post.  If this is a little small then the original is here.  I have included more explanatory notes beneath the diagram.

  • The proposal is taught from left to right, although it does allow for the pupils to ‘dip in and out’ of the different areas as they will be made aware of the whole plan from day 1.
  • ‘Homework’ involves some trust as pupils will be expected to self-teach how to create an app.  Monitoring of this will be through monitoring their blog posts.  Pupils will be invited to explore different development apps and then choose the one most suited to what they want to create.

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