Update:  Whilst the the links to the mindmaps will remain live, as of today 11/04/2012 all new resources will be updated at the #digitalstudies wiki

Feedback:  All feedback that is constructive is very welcome.  It would be great if this resource could develop for everyone to share!

Volunteers:  You will quickly see that the potential for this project to expand is massive and it is possibly more than one man can do on his own.  Even if I ever do get around to matching resources to all the topics I would then like to go one step further and link lesson ideas so that the resources can be effectively used to deliver exciting lessons where the pupils enjoy their learning.  If you feel that you can contribute to this project please drop me a tweet @teachesict and would be delighted of your help.

I have been developing idea and resource maps for #digitalstudies after being inspired by Brian Sharland.  If you want to share your resources via this method (and you really should), please DM me @teachesict with your email.

  1. To stop the links opening in the same frame, press ctrl on your keyboard when you click on the link – this will open the link in a new tab on your browser.  (original table in google docs is here)
  2. Use the scroll bars to move around or just drag the screen with your mouse
  3. Where you see an arrow this is a link to either a website or another map – please click on it to take a look
  4. Where you see what looks like a sheet of paper, hover mouse to see many more resources associated with that topic


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