History of Computing mini-project

I have started this mini-project with one of my classes in the hope that it would stimulate conversation about the History of Computing.  The first lesson was spent coming to grips with the various time-line creators including TimeToast, Whenintime, Tiki Toki and TimeGlider (most opted for TimeToast).  After this, the lessons have been great, with the pupils really getting into the spirit of things.  Listening to conversations between them has been really interesting, especially as time after time, they seem so surprised at what was being used when “Dad / Mum was a kid”.  They are really taking on board just how quickly technology has been moving since they were born and how they take things for granted because they have never known anything different.


2 comments on “History of Computing mini-project

  1. I’ve been thinking about something similar for a while now. It’s a great idea and would be brilliant combined with a trip to Bletchley Park or similar. Could I suggest that the ‘history’ badge for this is called something like ‘It comes with valves’? 😉

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