Digitalstudies Wiki vs mind maps

This article is based on my existing mindmaps and the recently created @sharland digitalstudies wiki

When I initially got on board with the idea of creating a new ICT curriculum I thought I was in a very isolated position and that it was something that I would have to do very much on my own. That was before I realised the immense power of twitter and the incredible foresight of such people as @sharland @largerama and @infernaldepart who were also striving for the same thing. Even before this, I was also ‘borrowing’ resources from @ianaddison @simonhaughton and @chrisleach78 . I wanted to put all the brilliant resources that I had collect into a usable format that was curriculum organised and intuitive. To this end, I created my mind maps which are still indexed on the #digitalstudies page of this blog. @sharland subsequently created a wiki which he suggested could better house the resources in the mind maps; I wasn’t so sure as I had grown to be quite obsessed by what I had created, and even a little possessive!. However, it soon became apparent that once I’d had a play with Brian’s wiki, it would indeed be a more useable place to hold the resources.

The wiki is free, it is available for everyone to view or to add to; it is searchable and easily expanded. I am able to openly give credit to the creators or sharers of the resources. Most importantly to me, my initial aim of ensuring that the resources were matched to possible curriculum areas has been maintained. These are such important positives that I am now in the process of moving the maps across to the wiki and would urge others to contribute. Even if you are not #rethinkingICT in your school, the wiki is still a great place to hold what you have and to share it with others.

Everyone should also follow @infernaldepart who is currently setting up a #ictcurric Moodle style resource that will contain example lessons and ideas. Please switch between his creative commons site and the wiki when developing or delivering your own curriculum.  Remember to share your successes!


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