Prezi about the Power of Doodling

Recently, one of my pupils told me about a prezi that he had prepared for a Scholar’s talk at school; however, the talk was subsequently cancelled.  I asked him if he would like to present it to his Year 8 class in the next ICT lesson and he agreed.  I was so blown away that I have asked hsi permission to include a copy of it here to share with everyone.  I will also ask our Head if he can present it the staff as they can learn a lot from it as well – both about Prezi and doodling!

So here it is – A Prezi about “The Doodle Revolution” by Peter J.  Please leave your comments below and share with your colleagues!  (note:  Peter stood up and also verbally presented to the class.  I shall ask for his permission to add the these notes to this page so that the Prezi makes a  little more sense.  Update:  The notes are in this Google doc).


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