Worksheet for BBC Panorama Computer Game Addiction video

Whilst I know that the programme was rather biased against computer games, it is still a very interesting programme that pupils could get a lot out of.  In our previous lesson we had discussed addiction and I even set up a little pacman test exercise to see how easy it was to get addicted.  A lot of what was discussed could be summarised as the pupils believing that addiction stemmed from the fact that they wanted to get a better score than their peers and would therefore continue playing until they achieved this.  I know that Ihave massively over simplified this, but I think there is some mileage to that point.

Anyway, to the point of this post, please use the Google doc below if you think it is of use in your class.  At the top of the page are three links; the first and third are links to some interesting work done by Robbie Cooper; whilst the second is the link to the Panorama video.  Enjoy – feedback is always welcome!


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