I need to buy Purple Mash!

After completing another step on the long road to creating a new ‘upgraded’ ICT curriculum for my school, I felt that I should commit my thoughts on my recent work to the blog.

Having already confessed to being a secondary school teacher responsible for designing the curriculum for our 3 year olds and up, I have spent quite a few hours looking through Simon Haughton’s blog and have come to the conclusion that the 2Simple / Purple Mash Suite of tools is essential to deliver an exciting and creative curriculum to the younger pupils.

The software seems so geared towards the infant and primary pupils and yet also seems to allow them to be creative and the more able ones can really go and explore.  We recently had a demo from Purple Mash and our teachers were very impressed.  I shall definitely be putting this into my budget request for September.

I know that a weakness of mine is knowing what levels can be taught to and expected from the KS1/2 pupils and I am keen to learn from as many ICT teachers as possible.  Please leave a comment and point me in the direction of resources and lessons that you have tried and tested and you know work.  Please also let me know of the best blogs and websites that you use.

I have also spent time looking through undertenminutes which is a great resource of introductory videos and certainly has the potential to help myself and my colleagues to hit the ground running when we introduce our new upgraded ICT curriculum.  It also has many great videos that could be used as lesson starters or possibly for flipping the classroom.


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