Bookmark Therapy – When was the last time you looked through your bookmarks?

Over the last few days I have been going through my diigo bookmarks and copying them to a mindmap that I have made as part of gathering of resources for an upgrade to the ICT Curriculum. The upgrade is currently called #digitalstudies. Each time I bookmark a site using diigo either through my PC or iPad I add the necessary tags and then almost invariably forget about the site or can’t find it when I want it. I love the nice and easy way that @ianaddison has developed his ICT planning website where appropriate tools and resources can be found according to the topic or strand being taught. This seems a much better way of doing things!

Inspired by this, I have been going through my bookmarks one by one and copying them to the appropriate topic that could be covered in #digitalstudies. Whilst this is very time consuming – I am only half way through – I have found it bizarrely quite therapeutic! I have decluttered diigo and at the same time found websites, software and apps that I had forgotten about, as well as news articles that could provide my pupils with additional evidence in their learning. I strongly recommend having a declutter of your bookmarks and if possible copy some of them across to the mindmap. Doing this, you will feel better, remind yourself of what you have and most importantly will be sharing with lots of other teachers. Go on – give it a go!

If you want to share your resources via the mind map send me your email through twitter to @teachesict and I will give you editing permissions.

UPDATE: as well as being therapeutic it is also interesting to note the number of websites that are no longer live or might as well be as last updates are 2 years+ ago. This has been a useful exercise and I shall be more careful about what and why I bookmark from now on.


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