Mindmap #digitalstudies

I have been collecting links using Diigo for a couple of years now and have amassed over 1100 of them. Whilst using the tags in diigo is useful, it isn’t particulalrly efficient if I haven’t tagged them right in the first place (more often the case than I would like to admit). The recent momentum at which #digitalstudies has started to take on has really motivated me on to do something more useful with the links that I have collected.

I recently shared a mindmap based on @sharland’s #digitalstudies strands and I have been pleased at the interest that has been shown in this. It then dawned on me that the map was a much better place for teachers to find resources and more importantly gave me the opportunity to place the resources in the areas of the new #digitalstudies curriculum that was the most relevant.

I had gone through around 200 of my diigo links when @sharland pointed out in a blogpost of his that it might help the map become more of a collaboration tool if a consistent structure was applied to it. Whilst going over the next 100 links in diigo I began to edit the start of each description with one of the four headings that @sharland suggested (News / Videos / Apps / Websites). I know that Apps could mean software; however, I feel that this should mean mobile apps or online software.  I propose that we add “software” to be used for downloadable software.

Using mindmeister, an editor is able to add notes and this is where I have listed my news, videos, etc with very short descriptions. The editor can also enter a URL under ‘link’ so that the user can go straight to a website.

I have another 800 of my diigo bookmarks to go through and will endeavour to get them all done in teh coming weeks (maybe!) but feel that to really make a success of this mindmap, many more teachers need to contribute.  So if you are sitting on links that you feel would enhance the map and help others in our profession, please send your email address to @teachesict and I will give you editor rights.

I would be grateful for any comments on this post.  It is an exciting time for us all and with a collaborative drive could really change the way that teach this ” (@sharland).


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