As some of you know I have been looking, as have many of you, at revamping what is taught under the ICT curriculum within our school. Being an indpendent 3-16 school (VIth Form coming soon!) means that I should have much more flexibility; however, I feel that I have been tethered to the NC with little leeway. It was my intention to keep researching how to change things and then present towards the end of next term; however, some proposed changes to other curriculum areas (i.e. subject choices for Y8 going into Y9) motivated me to get initial proposals into SMT a little earlier than anticipated.

For this morning’s meeting I presented the case for a #digitalstudies currculum using the strands proposed by Brian Sharland (@sharland) in his fantastic blog. I also showed my initial MindMap for what to include in the curriculum where my ideas have been heavily influenced by @chrisleach78 and also by @ianaddison, especially Ian’s ICT Planning website. The presentation was very well received with the HM being ‘excited’ by the proposals! What I really wanted was that I could be unshackled from the NC and left to devise our own curriculum and therefore our own methods of Assessment. My Director of Studies has also given the go ahead for this and has said that I do not need to follow the NC in any way! I am now in a position to really move forward and start putting some flesh on the bones.

I still have a very long way to go and will be keeping an eye on others such as those already mentioned as well as @largerama @mwclarkson, and @jpgreenwood. I also really do want to pursue the idea of Project Based Learning (PBL) in both Key Stage 2 and 3 and have had some useful advice and ideas from @mrlockyer.

The mindmap can be seen with this link: http://www.mindmeister.com/127915705/ict-curriculum-planning


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