KS3 ICT “I Can” statements – Part 2

My intention was never to reinvent the wheel; however, I couldn’t see a better way of understanding the KS3 attainment targets and levels other than pulling them apart and starting again.  My last post explains the trouble I went to in doing this.  I then rejigged the requirements under more useable headings and then into the appropriate year groups.  From these, I created what I think is a useable spreadsheet clearly showing when and where each target can be delivered (feel free to comment / criticize / amend).

The intention as mentioned in Part 1 of this ramble was to also rewrite the statements and then to create a resource bank that I and other teachers could dip into. During my research online, looking for examples where these statements had been rewritten I came across Complete ICT KS3 by Steve Rutter at Pearson Publishing. This seems to do exactly what I was aiming to achieve, which brings me back to not wanting to reinvent the wheel.

I shall be playing with the demo version of the software and also getting others in my department to do the same. If it does what it says on the tin, they I shall purchase and feedback about it on this blog.

If anybody reading this already uses the software, please leave a comment as I cannot find any examples of teachers that have actually used it!


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