KS3 ICT “I Can” statements Part 1

Further to my post above I have a been looking at the KS 3 attainment targets and redrawing them along the lines of Claire and Ian so that they are more user friendly.  Initially I looked at the ICT Curriculum at the QCDA where the attainment targets originally come from.  These are very bland statements that do not really help planning; however, as they form the basis of the expectations of what my pupils should be able to do, it is certainly a starting place.  I then decided that I needed a methodical approach to how I created something that would not only be useable by me, but also by others within my school and also anyone outside of my school that wanted to use it!  The steps I followed can be broken down as (sorry to be so detailed – finding this blog a great way of getting my head around the project!)

  1. Type each of the statements into a google spreadsheet using the levels as subheadings
  2. Colour code each statement so that the contents under one level were the same colour.
  3. Print out the spreadsheet
  4. Cut up the printed spreadsheet so that each statement could be moved around.
  5. Without having any preconceived ideas of headings, rearrange the statements so that they are grouped with similar statements
  6. I then came up with individual headings based on these groups
    1. Fundementals & organisation
    2. Audience & Purpose
    3. Reflection & Evaluation
    4. Spreadsheets, simulations & modelling
    5. Databases
    6. Sequencing instructions
    7. System design
    8. ICT in society
  7. Finally I rearranged the original spreadsheet so that it reflected these new headings – CSL ICT Curriculum Map KS3
I have still have three more things to do with this project:
  1. Rewrite statements where appropriate so that they make more sense to the teacher / pupil
  2. Put statements according to year groups to indicate when the statement should be covered
  3. Create a resource bank along the lines of Claire Lotriet on her tweecher blog titled ‘creating a new ICT curriculum” and Ian Addison’s site ICT Planning. 
I will keep you posted!

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